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  • Brunson manufactures a variety of heavy duty metrology strands stipods. All our 230 Series metrology stands are an excellent choice for average shop and plant requirements. This stand exist with a wide range of working height in order to fit our customer requirements.
    • 230 Series 43" - 68.5" (109-174 cm).
    • 231 Series 30"- 43" (76-109 cm)
    • 233 Series 37"- 56.5" (94-143.5 cm)
    • 232 Series 67"-112" (170-284 cm)
    Datasheet & Reference.
    230 Series 231 Series 233 Series 232 Series
    Finish Black Black Black Black
    Min Height mm 1092 mm 762 mm 940 1727 mm
    Max Height mm 1740 mm 1092 mm 1435 mm 2870 mm
    Max Load (kg) 68 kg 68 kg 68 kg 68 kg
    Weight, Product (Approx.) kg 84 kg 72 kg 81 kg 267 kg
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  • Brunson manufactures a variety of portable stands which are designed to give metrology professionals a great deal of flexibility. This collapsible, tripod-type stand is available in a number of standard configurations. Just tell us your preference. quote request g2metric
  • KinAiry is the comprehensive, independent solution for laser tracker evaluation, utilizing NIST's new Interim Field Test Procedure IR-80161. The KinAiry system provides a set of traceable measurements designed to verify volumetric performance in your environment. The result is a colorized graphical analysis that quickly shows the overall health of your tracker. quote request g2metric
  • 6”, 8″ or 10” Magnetic Mount for Portable device with 3 1/2″ threaded ring  Our circular magnetic mounts come in three sizes 6”, 8” and 10”. An excellent way to mount a portable CMM arm or laser tracker on a ferrous surface like a steel plate or table is using a magnetic mount. Some customers use them as a very flexible mounting solution on a large steel table or even mount them directly on the bed of a machine tool. They are easy to turn on and off, using a hex key allen wrench, so a user can quickly use one to move around while measuring a large part on a table. quote request g2metric
  • Rhino Series Inserted SMR, Single Piece Aluminum Insert We have assembled this SMR in a way that the insert will not come out. When you drop the competitions SMR they shift or pop out after a few short drops. With our Rhino Series SMR, Drop, Pickup, and Measure on. You get the performance of a solid SMR that is much more affordable. These are available in High Accuracy SMR versions. We keep the Rhino Series SMR s in stock at all times quote request g2metric
  • Glass Element SMR: made up of 3 separate pieces of glass The Silverback SMR is the MetrologyWorks version of the classic Laser Tracker SMR that uses 3 panels of glass that are assembled into an optic and then that optic is assembled into the SMR. These SMR s are known for their entry level price as well as their overcoated optic that allows for protection from the elements and the ability to be cleaned frequently. quote request g2metric
  • Solid Break Proof SMR, Solid Ball that is Coated Drop this SMR as many times as you want these SMR s are bullet proof. We keep the Solid Series SMR s in stock at all times quote request g2metric
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