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CAMIO8 – CMM Technologies Software

LK Metrology is renowned for innovative CMM hardware and software solutions – CAMIO8 – , and has been credited with :

  • the first bridge-style CMM,
  • the first high accuracy horizontal arm CMM
  • the first software developed specifically for CMMs.

This combination of technology and expertise enables LK Metrology to develop solutions that provide unique and proven capabilities.

CAMIO8 encourages users to drive the inspection process graphically, everything from part alignment, feature inspection and dimensional tolerancing is much faster and more intuitive when users work with CAMIO8’s advanced user interface.

Novice users find the step-through approach to CMM inspection particularly easy to master and quickly migrate to the more progressive features of the software. More experienced users appreciate the advanced functionality and high-level DMIS language with conditional program execution and user macros.

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CAMIO8 has been verified according to following organisational CMM standards:

  • DMIS 5.3 (Dimensional Metrology Standard Consortium)
  • PTB 5.32 CMM software algorithms (Physikalisch‐Technische Bundesanstalt)
  • ISO 1101:2017 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (International Organization for Standardization)
  • ASME Y14.5:2018 Dimensioning and Tolerancing (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

Easy Programming approach.
CAMIO8 provides a powerful suite of graphicalprogramming tools for 3D measurement – including online and offline programming, CAD and non-CAD applications and multisensory technology. CAMIO8 Teach & Learn allows programmers to conveniently update programs online, and create new programs for non-CAD applications using the CMM handbox / joystick.

Probe Builder and Laser Scanner.
CAMIO8 includes a library of accessories for defining probe assemblies. Laser scanners are fully integrated in CAMIO8 and are used for freeform parts and semi-ridged materials, CAMIO8 programming functionality includes:

  • Feature measurement
  • Point-cloud simulation
  • 3D continuous scanning
  • Field-of-view simulation
  • Laser line setting
  • Filters and meshing

CAD Compare.
CAMIO8 provides an instant evaluation of surface deviation, Annotate dimensions
and tolerances, Best-fit analysis and reporting.

CAMIO8 provides a flexible inspection reporting solution to fit around your current process, while providing new possibilities.

Instant reports give real-time access to quality data, enabling you to take informed decisions sooner.

Standard templates provide countless reporting possibilities for a range of applications, and the capability to customise reports and create individual layouts.

When more creativity is needed a powerful report editor puts content rich output and drag & drop capability at your fingertips.

Full DMIS compatibility.
CAMIO8 provides the flexibility of different programming styles and two program editors – an easy to use block view of inspection objects with familiar drag & drop capability, and a more powerful DMIS editor for in-depth programming – both support native DMIS programs and are 100% compatible.

To safeguard your investment in inspection programs, CAMIO8’s program interoperability ensures forward compatibility of your CMM programs. Allowing you to migrate from older versions of software including 3rd party software, and upgrade your hardware without having to rewrite your DMIS programs.

Inspection simulation.
CAMIO8 simulation allows programmers to fully prepare programs and optimize measurement sequences offline – ensuring programs are ready before parts arrive for inspection, and dramatically reducing CMM downtime when proving out programs.

Automatic collision detection allows for a safe working distance between the moving virtual CMM and workpiece models.

Probe collisions and near misses are detected automatically and corrected offline before the program is sent to the CMM for use online.

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