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FARO – Terrestrial scanner Focus M70

“Laser scanner for fast and exact indoor and outdoor 3D measurements.”

The ultra-portable FARO Laser Scanner FocusM 70 enables fast, straight-forward and accurate measurements of construction sites, small-scale facades, complex structures, production and supply facilities and crash and crime scenes.

The 3D scan data can easily be imported into all commonly used software solutions for architecture and construction, forensics and accident reconstruction or industrial manufacturing.

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FARO Laser Scanner FOCUS performance

FARO Laser Scanner FOCUS performance

Robust performance and repeatable measurement

  • High accuracy.
  • IP54 water and dust resistant
  • Operates in darkness or bright sunlight

 Features & Benefits

  • Easy, immediate, and repeatable results
  • Compact design, low weight
  • High-Speed Dynamic Measurement for moving or scanning application and real time adjustment.

Additional information

Measurement Volume (Diameter)

0.6 – 70m

Measurement Accuracy

±3 mm

Colour Resolution

Up to 165-megapixel color

Dynamic Measurement Speed (Points/Sec)

614m for up to 0.5 mil pts/sec

Rotational Envelope

Horizontal: 360° – Infinite rotation
Vertical: 300° – Infinite rotation

Laser Class 1

1550nm laser


Size = 230 x 183 x 103mm
Weight = 4.2 kg (including battery)

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