Maintenance & Repair

G2Metric service team

Because we understand what is the impact of a production break due to system failure, At G2METRIC, we offer you many different maintenance contract options matching with your requirements, your budget and your systems.

All our service contracts include free telephone service support and a quick response in the event of a breakdown.

The G2METRIC Service team is dedicated to providing support to ensure all devices & software are operating to the maximum of its ability. To achieve this, highly trained local teams are present to quickly help solve your questions and issues.

Spare parts

With an Israeli local stock of Spare part, we aims to get spare parts and accessories to the customer as soon as possible.
For service and upgrades or breakdowns and repairs, service and application engineers are on hand to provide assistance when help is required.

The G2METRIC service team provides services including:

• Installation & Relocation
• Repairs/spare parts
• Calibration/Certification
• On-site/Emergency services
• Technical support

Maintenance contracts

Both hardware and software maintenance contracts can be provided to give you peace of mind that your system is always up-to-date.

Software maintenance contracts provide continued access to the latest software versions.

Sole authorized company

As the sole authorized distributor of represented products in Israel, G2METRIC proposed you dedicated maintenance Contract adapted to your needs, budget, and equipments.


Boost your CMM performance with a LK CMM upgrade

An upgrade to your existing CMM can provide many benefits without incurring the cost of purchasing a new machine.

Most CMM structures will last in excess of 20 years due to the low levels of wear and tear through normal use, however electronics, control systems and software quickly become outdated as new technology is developed.

LK Metrology can offer you a range of hardware and software upgrade options that will bring your CMM back to life.

All our service contracts include free telephone service support and a quick response in the event of a breakdown.
You can contact Service by: Calling us (+972 3 903 1001) or Using the Contact form

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Your call information will be immediately recorded to ensure prompt response and accurate communication. Please be prepared to relate your customer reference details (product serial number, dongle number, software version etc.).

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