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AICON – Table scanner SmartScan

“The 3D optical scanner that’s made to measure”

The SmartScan is the ultimate workhorse for 3D optical scanning. Built on a platform of speed, accuracy, portability and flexibility, the SmartScan is the ideal solution for the digitisation of complex small-to-medium sized components.

Like other 3D optical scanners in the AICON Scanner range, the SmartScan is a white light scanner that works on the fringe projection principle.

This contactless optical scanning technology allows for very fast data acquisition and a high level of detail, particularly with the 12 megapixel cameras

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The Perfect Configuration For Each Application

Despite its speed and data quality, the SmartScan boasts a compact, low-weight design that allows for easy mobile use – it is without doubt one of the most portable white light scanning systems on the market. And with its robust structural design, the SmartScan is stable and reliable under temperature fluctuation, even in challenging workshop conditions.

Every model within the SmartScan platform is fully compatible with turntable and turn-tilt units, allowing for the semi-automated measurement functionality that can significantly increase productivity. The systems are also compatible with AICON DPA Series photogrammetry solutions, which can be used to augment the inspection capabilities of the SmartScan to deliver fast and accurate measurement of larger parts and components.

High-Resolution Sensors for High-Precision Digitisation

Depending on the required resolution and precision, camera resolutions of 5 or 12 megapixels are available. The high-resolution sensor technology guarantees the maximum degree of detail for the object acquisition process. Measuring fields between 60 to 1550 mm are available. Hence, every component size can be optimally captured. 

New fields of view are available as add-ons and are easily interchangeable by the user, making the SmartScan an excellent choice for users facing a variety of application tasks such as third-party metrology contractors. 

The particularly powerful projector allows for the scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pre-treatment. The integrated laser pointers support the easy positioning of the measuring object.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular design
  • Stable construction & Simple operation
  • 3D scanning at the highest precision
  • Portable size, low weight
  • Automation options & fully compatible with turntable
  • reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.
  • Eight fixed configurations for most diverse measuring tasks
  • High-resolutions sensor technology for maximum level of detail
  • Scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pre-treatment
  • Applicable with photogrammetry
  • Handheld probe option

Additional information

Minimum measuring time

1 second

Field of view size

from 50 x 40 mm to 1200 x 750 mm

Measuring depth

from 30 mm to 750 mm

X, Y resolution

from 0.017 mm to 0.485 mm


from 0.005 mm to 0.110 mm

Sensor weight

4 kg

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