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FARO – handheld scanner Freestyle 2

“Freestyle 2 : The Most Portable 3D Scanner for Fast, Photorealistic 3D Reality Capture

The FARO® Freestyle 2 is a superior handheld 3D scanner designed for investigators and reconstructionists who require quick and easy complete scene documentation.
Delivering fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture with unparalleled real-time display results, Freestyle 2 offers total mobility to scan even the most confined spaces and difficult objects..

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Advanced features

  • Real-Time Visualization.
  • Wide-Range of Scanning Distances.
  • IP 52 protection.
  • Capture in Variety of Lighting Conditions.
  • One-Hand Operation
  • Guided Scanning
  • On-Site Compensation


  • Easy-to-learn & Easy-to-Use.
  • Ultimate Flexibility.
  • Save Time.
  • Photorealistic Results.
  • Confidence in What you Capture.

Additional information

Measurement Volume (Diameter)

0.4 – 5 m (up to 10 m with limited data quality)

Identifiable feature

Up to 0.2 mm

3D point accuracy

±1 mm

Long range accuracy

0.5 mm at 1 m distance
5 mm at 5 m distance
15 mm at 10 m distance

Single image point density

Up to 45,000 points/m² in 0.5 m distance
Up to 10,500 points/m² in 1 m distance

Acquisition Rate

Up to 220,000 points/s, point cloud density increases with time

Laser Class 1

798-816 nm (Wavelength)

Lighting conditions

Full daylight, 10,000-45,000 lux


Size = 285 mm x 256 mm x 130 mm
Weight = 1.48 kg (including battery)

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